You’re in a position where you’re responsible for optimising the space within a warehouse, commercial or industrial premises, doing this in a cost-effective way can be a challenge. Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution. Installing bespoke mezzanine floors that are designed for your workplace improves productivity and utilises more of your existing space in an affordable way.

Whilst you may opt for a used mezzanine, you should keep in mind that these are not tailored to your workplace, so won’t benefit your business in the same way. Bespoke mezzanine floors integrate effectively into a workplace environment, as they’re designed specifically for your property.

To understand how mezzanine floors can benefit your business, you need to learn how mezzanines can be utilised.


Uses & Applications Of Mezzanine Floor Installations

Mezzanine flooring systems are designed to create extra space by utilising the existing vertical space within a workplace. Instead of overcrowding floor space with storage systems, install a high-quality mezzanine that optimises your existing space.

Within every work environment, there will be diverse goals. Some warehouses and office environments will need more storage space while others need to create a breakout room for staff, for example. How you intend to use the mezzanine will guide the designing and installation process to ensure the flooring matches your requirements. Below are some examples of applications for high-quality mezzanines:

  • Expand current storage space.
  • Create office space or staff facilities.
  • Provide space for specialist handling equipment and materials.
  • Extend space in shops with retail mezzanines.  

Whatever mezzanine you choose to install, the structure and materials should be designed to achieve the objectives of your space. The project manager for your mezzanine system should ensure that the final fit and finish is the focus of the installation from the beginning. 


Benefits Of Bespoke Mezzanines

Bespoke mezzanines are built specifically for your organisation. Working with a dedicated mezzanine provider means they deliver a system bespoke to your warehouse. The project manager will work with you to understand your objectives, goals, and requirements. Once they recognize these considerations they will install a new mezzanine that optimises how your business can operate.

The first step for a new mezzanine installation is a site survey. This process allows the surveyor to assess the space you have available. From there, a comprehensive and accurate plan and strategy can be created to ensure the new mezzanine is integrated effectively and efficiently.

Bespoke flooring systems add value to your workplace, and as new mezzanine floors are designed to perfectly fit your warehouse, they reduce the risk of deterioration occurring over time.

When designing a mezzanine, having a complete picture of your workplace is invaluable. Project managers need to understand your goals, the available space, and the equipment and goods that need to be stored. This allows them to create a bespoke, tailor-made, new mezzanine that optimises the potential space you have available; while ensuring the system is safe and follows all building regulations and standards.


Should I Buy A Used Mezzanine?

Used mezzanines will likely be cheaper in the short-term as they were originally designed for another workplace. When a company has brought a mezzanine and moved workplaces, the mezzanine may not be part of their plans. They may look to offload the structure to recoup costs.

As the used mezzanine has already been designed and built, the installation process will be faster. The costs may also be reduced as you’re cutting out paying for the design and build stage. However, where used mezzanines can cause issues is when they’re installed in a workplace they weren’t specifically designed to inhabit. This makes integrating them into your working environment practically impossible.

Let’s say you discover a used mezzanine is available at a reasonable price. It’s a system that fits above your office workspace, for example. While very unlikely to occur, on paper, this is the ideal scenario. One of the problems that arises is assessing the history of the used mezzanine before you purchase it.

It’s often impossible to understand the complete history of second-hand mezzanine floors. This means important health and safety considerations can’t be identified. Of course, when components, the construction process, and materials used are unknown, this creates risks.


Key Considerations

Mezzanine Floor Design

Installing a bespoke mezzanine is impossible unless you create a new structure. Unfortunately, mezzanine floors are not interchangeable between workspaces. Used mezzanines have been previously designed for another workplace.

They were constructed to fit a different space and to help another company achieve their objectives which were likely different from yours. Purchasing a new mezzanine ensures its design and installation is bespoke to your warehouse.


The person responsible for installing a mezzanine has to consider employee safety. If the stock is being transferred between different floor levels, the risk of staff falling needs to be reduced, for example. 

With used mezzanines, you may not know if the structure meets all the necessary building regulations and health and safety standards. Whereas with a bespoke, new mezzanine, you have more insight into the process, and can ensure it’s compliant with building regulations and safe to install in your warehouse.

New Vs Used

There are pros to purchasing either a new mezzanine or a second-hand mezzanine. While a used mezzanine may be cheaper in the short-term and quicker to install initially, they often cost more in maintenance and are unlikely to be the correct fit for your business. 

The purpose of a mezzanine should be to improve your work processes. Purchasing a new mezzanine is the only way to guarantee this as it will be constructed and designed to achieve the goals of your business.


SEC Interiors Mezzanine Flooring

At SEC Interiors, we design and install industry-leading bespoke mezzanine floors, exclusive to your workplace, with a focus on optimising space and ensuring we help our clients to achieve their goals.

Explore the cost-effective, unmatched mezzanine floors we offer, fill in our enquiry form or call on 01438 731990 to start your project today.

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