Workplace Health and Safety: Key Considerations

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A Licence to Alter is a vital component when you are looking to make changes to your commercial office space and needs to be considered early in the process to avoid delays to any office refurbishment or office fit-out work to take place. Here is a short guide to Licence to Alter.

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Why A Bespoke New Mezzanine Floor Is Beneficial To Any Workplace

You’re in a position where you’re responsible for optimising the space within a warehouse, commercial or industrial premises, doing this in a cost-effective way can be a challenge. Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution. Installing bespoke…
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To office or not to office? That is the question…

We offer insight on the challenges faced by commercial property owners and occupiers as well as the changing role of office interior design and what the future holds for 2021 and beyond
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Office Cat A Plus Schemes and the benefits

Within the past few years Cat A+ projects, the mid-point offering between a CAT A and CAT B fit-out, have become more of a popular appeal to both landlords and tenants.
Office health and safety

Key Considerations for your Office Safety Checklist

There are many important health and safety checks to complete in an office. This includes conducting a risk assessment to identify potential hazards and implementing solutions.
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Why You Should Focus On Your Staff Room

A fit out is different from an office refurbishment as a refurbishment transforms your current workplace. While a fit out involves installing fittings into a new space without any existing features or interior design elements.
SEC Interiors guide to working from home

Top tips for boosting your team morale and maintaining productivity working from home

In order to maintain maximum productivity, more so than ever it is important to invest the time in paying attention and monitoring staff well-being. We can advise on a few top tips that will help to achieve exactly that!