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Guide To Measuring Pallet Racking

When you require pallet racking, you may not require a site visit. But requesting a quotation over the phone or via email can be difficult, as terminology between manufacturers differs and you might not know how to specify what you require. Well, that’s why we’ve created our 6 Steps to Measuring & Specifying your Pallet […]

Warehouse COVID Safety Guide 2020

At SEC Storage, we have been working round the clock to help our clients mitigate the risks of COVID-19. Although COVID-19 has been a different hazard, our team are used to managing warehouse safety. To reaffirm our commitment to warehouse safety, we’ve compiled a warehouse COVID safety guide for 2020.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine flooring is defined as a free-standing warehouse structure usually made from steel, aluminium, or fibreglass. It acts as an intermediate floor between the base and ceiling of a building.

Effective Inventory Management and Warehouse Design

At SEC we’ve been working with our customers by carrying out in-depth data analysis and modelling to assess the impact of these changes on their warehouses, and then working to carry out simple changes in order to optimise efficiency and throughput once the new stock-holding strategy

Warehouse Safety Products

Innovation has never been so important in the warehouse as it is right now. Emerging technologies and changing consumer demands have hugely increased the importance of distribution activities, and efficient, effective fulfilment operations can provide significant competitive advantage.

SEC Storage Guide to Pallet Information for Racking Design

Pallet racking obviously gets its name from the storage of palletised goods on racking. Simple! Well, what it also means is that the configuration and specification of your pallet racking systems are entirely dependent on the pallets that will be stored. In this Guide, we take a look at what pallet information we need to know in order to fully specify, configure and design your racking systems!

A Guide to Pallet Racking Safety Pins

Pallet racking safety pins play an important part in the safety of your racking systems. Without them your system could be a safety risk to your staff and your business! The worst case scenario is that your racking system will collapse. Safety pins are a cost-effective way to help eliminate risk.