Warehouse storage is a crucial aspect of any efficient warehouse. Utilising high-quality warehouse racking and shelving optimises storage space, improves picking times, and makes storing inventory more efficient. Depending on your industry and requirements, the best warehouse storage solutions will differ.

There are many different types of effective storage racking. Installing storage racking designed to support your staff’s needs can transform how your business operates. There are many benefits to storage racking, let’s explore six of the best types of storage racking available.

Wide Aisle

Wide aisle racking is the most common storage racking system available. It’s constructed in single runs or double runs, separated by a wide aisle. Wide aisle storage racking can be adapted by adjusting beam level heights to reconfigure the unit loads. This means the storage racking can be optimised to increase the simplicity and efficiency of the products you store.

Very Narrow Aisle

Also known as a VNA racking system, very narrow aisle industrial racking and shelving allows managers to store a higher concentration of pallets by utilising untapped vertical space. When space is at a premium, VNA racking is ideal. They also provide direct access to products and make stock rotation easier to implement. However, warehouses will need specialist equipment, such as high-reach trucks, to pick from the shelves or pallet locations.

Double Deep

Double deep pallet racking creates extra storage space by storing products two deep on storage racking. This reduces the number of aisles needed to store a certain amount of inventory. The system requires specialist handling equipment such as telescopic or extendable forklifts.

Mobile Racking

Mobile racking provides maximum flexibility to managers over the positioning of their warehouse racking system. The structure is mounted on mobile bases that allow staff to move the system left and right. You can do this via a control panel or remote control, either moving each aisle individually or as a collective.

Cantilever Racking

This system stores products across two or more arms on fitted decks across runs of cantilever arms. Cantilever storage solutions are ideal for storing long products such as steel pipes and timber beams. Depending on the intended application, managers can choose light or heavy-duty systems making cantilever racking a versatile option.

Push Back

For high-density storage options, push-back racking is an extremely popular option. It enables staff to store pallets four deep and access products by most types of handling equipment. To pick from the racking, when staff remove an item, the product behind moves forward. Depending on the products your business stores, push-back racking storage is a highly cost-effective option.

The Benefits of Storage Racking in the Warehouse

As a warehouse manager, you’re most likely always looking for ways to maximise your storage space. Depending on your requirements, there are many ways to do this – you could utilise untapped vertical space with VNA racking, or invest in double deep pallet racking to provide high-density storage.

It’s also important for managers to consider warehouse efficiency when installing storage solutions. Storing stock at a high-density may utilise more storage space, but it won’t benefit your business. Increase workplace productivity by storing inventory using a racking system that makes the organisation of items easy. Choosing the best storage and racking solutions for your requirements makes picking simpler and increases your staff productivity.

Installing the best warehouse shelving unit for your industry also ensures your workplace is safe. Choose storage racking designed and built to hold your products. This means installing heavy-duty racks if you’re storing heavy materials. It also means using cantilever racking for long products that require specialist storage solutions. Doing this reduces the risk of products falling or storage shelves collapsing and the chance of workplace accidents occurring.

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SEC Storage and Racking Solutions

At SEC Storage, our team specialise in providing innovative storage racking solutions for warehouses. To optimise your warehouse space, improve productivity, and ensure staff safety, you need bespoke storage and racking. Every racking system we design and install is tailored to your requirements and warehouse.

What makes SEC Storage unique is we offer a complete installation service. From the initial conceptions of design through to the final installation, our team works to create storage solutions ideal for your warehouse. Using a data-driven approach, we assess your warehouse and build storage systems that benefit your business in the long-term.

Discover innovative racking solutions using warehouse intelligence, that optimise your storage space. Fill in an enquiry form on our contact page.