Very Narrow Aisle

Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Increased storage capacity on the same footprint

Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Increased storage capacity on the same footprint

A very narrow aisle (VNA) racking system is often a potential solution for warehouses where space is at a premium.

VNA racking utilises Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR). It provides storage for a higher concentration of pallets, by reducing the aisle width to between 2.7 and 1.6 meters. This type of racking configuration requires the use of reach trucks, articulated forklift trucks, very narrow aisle or turret trucks to deposit and access pallets. As they do not turn in the aisles they require a guide rail or wire guidance system. This has the advantage of minimising the risk of damage, resulting in lower maintenance.

The system has the advantages of adjustable pallet racking, but offers better use of the available space but maintaining direct access to all of the products stored.






Operating Speed


Space Utilisation

System Benefits

  • Increased space utilisation compared with other pallet storage systems as higher installations are possible
  • 100% Product Selectivity
  • The system operations on a First-In-First-Out stock rotation
  • Up to 50% Reduction of Aisle Widths compared with Wide Aisle racking
  • Damage is reduced as narrow aisle forklifts are typically guided by wire or rail

Common Uses

VNA solutions are very versatile and can cater for a wide range of operations. However, they are particularly suitable for warehouses that need the following:

  • Dense storage on a smaller footprint
  • Direct and immediate access to each unit load, but also need to optimise the available space
  • Storage for products that have different unit loads and sizes

Product review

“The whole project has gone extremely well and has been delivered on cost and on time. SEC Storage worked closely with Essentra plc, ensuring the design of the VNA system maximised the available storage cube; continuing operations were maintained throughout the installation period.”

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