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Successful manufacturers often face a struggle between their orders and what they can deliver. Consequently, a great deal of industry focus is placed on how to boost production capacity to improve workplace efficiency, quicken assembly rates, and increase sales. Implementing the right strategy to increase production capacity inspires sustainable company growth, however, every workplace requires a unique approach.

Intelligent warehouse storage solutions support businesses to increase productivity. Traditional methods such as pallet racking and warehouse shelving are still effective, however, modern warehouses improve operations with integrated warehouse management systems. This is software that allows business owners to monitor production capacity and workplace efficiency to identify areas of improvement.

Once you’ve discovered a lack of production capacity, the solution may be simple. You may look at optimising your existing warehouse storage spaces. Doing this, however, requires specialist support from warehouse design consultants who can deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your business’s requirements. The specific warehouse design to improve production capacity will vary, but there are four main ways any company can do this.

4 Ways To Improve Your Production Capacity

  1. Improving Your Warehouse’s Layout
  2. Increasing Storage Space
  3. Using More Efficient Processes
  4. Incentivise Overtime


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Improving Your Warehouse’s Layout

A sustainable strategy to increase production capacity long-term is improving your warehouse’s design and layout. Survey your staff and ask them about areas where they would adapt warehouse shelving and storage; business owners can also identify areas where to improve the layout themselves using warehouse software.

Mezzanine floors are an effective way to increase warehouse storage space to assist production capacity. They optimise your existing vertical space to untap your warehouse’s storage potential. The main benefit mezzanine floors offer is increased flexibility, allowing you to rearrange production lines, create new work areas, and optimise your warehouse design.

Improving your warehouse’s layout may also allow you to increase staffing levels. A key problem many businesses have is a lack of staff compared to their production requests – this can be for numerous reasons including not having sufficient space. Improving your warehouse design allows you to transform your operations to focus on increasing production capacity.

Increasing Storage Space

Investing in new warehouse storage solutions is a simple way to increase production capacity and deliver a high return on investment. Optimising your warehouse design to increase storage space allows you to purchase new equipment, rearrange production machinery, and hire new staff members. It’s important to identify where you need to improve and adapt your storage space so you can implement an effective solution.

If you optimise your warehouse shelving systems, you may open up new areas of space in your warehouse. This not only improves how staff can pick and package stock, but increases production capacity too. Increasing storage space is a cost-effective strategy that allows you to maximise your existing space instead of investing in a new warehouse that may suffer the same issues with inefficiency.

Using More Efficient Processes

Efficiency is lost when machines are not running at their full capacity. The solution to this issue is to analyse what your existing capacity is and set measurable targets and goals for the future, this allows you to understand how to improve process efficiency.

Intelligent warehouse software helps identify where you can improve warehouse efficiency. Once you’ve discovered areas for improvement, it’s time to create and implement effective long-term solutions. Don’t choose a quick fix, such as outsourcing lots of work, this isn’t always cost-effective, and may not be sustainable. Adapting your in-house processes helps increase production capacity long-term to contribute to your growth and deliver a high return on your investment.

Incentivise Overtime

Production capacity can simply be down to a lack of staff. You have more orders than the amount of staff you employ are capable of delivering. It may not be cost-effective to outsource production or take on more employees, a smart solution is to incentivise overtime. This isn’t a long-term strategy as it isn’t sustainable due to the pressure it puts on everyone in the business, however, it’s effective for large individual projects in the short term.

Forcing overtime on employees leads to a drop in morale and could decrease productivity in the long run. Provide incentives for staff to work overtime hours such as extra holiday and increased hourly rate of pay. It’s also smart to be transparent about why you’re asking them to work overtime by explaining it isn’t long-term, but will increase production capacity in the short term.

SEC Storage Warehouse Storage Solutions

The right warehouse design allows you to increase production capacity so you can continue to grow and succeed as a business. At SEC Storage, our warehouse design experts will deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your warehouse. Discover how you can increase profits with a new warehouse design, and achieve sustainable growth in your industry.

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