Carton Live Shelving

High-density picking by having multiple product lines across one shelf

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Carton Live Storage Rack Shelving Installation

High-density picking with multiple product lines across one shelf

How does carton live storage work?

Carton live is made up of shelves that have beds of small rollers built into them. They are set at a slight incline to allow products to slide down to the pick face. Subsequent cartons are loaded on behind, resulting in a FIFO (First In First Out) stock rotation set-up.

A carton live shelving system can be used in a variety of storage setups, including shortspan, longspan and pallet racking systems. A successful and well-designed carton live shelving system can greatly reduce a warehouse operative’s travel distance, further increasing productivity.

This simple yet practical storage system offers high-density picking by presenting multiple product lines across one shelf width. It is ideal for warehouses with large picking volumes as goods are immediately accessible, and pickers do not need to cover large distances to complete an order.


Every pallet position is accessible from an associated aisle.


Componentry is standard and highly adaptable to change.


An array of ancillary and accessory products are available to increase safety and productivity levels.


Certain bays can be adapted to allow trucks to ‘drive-through’ the rack safely.

System Benefits

  • Compact Storage – The system makes full use of your existing space due to the high-density nature of the set-up
  • Increased Efficiency – The time taken to pick and prepare orders is significantly reduced
  • Flexible and Ergonomic – Automatic stock replenishment due to the set-up of the roller bed feature
  • Organised Storage – Allows for the storage of a higher number of SKUs (stock-keeping units) at the front of the racking

Common Uses

Carton Live solutions are very versatile and can cater for a wide range of operations and uses:

  • Carton live shelving system can be used in a variety of storage set-ups, including short span, long span and racking systems
  • Storage of small products
  • Offers better picking ergonomics for warehouse operatives

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